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Each case comes with unique circumstances and we cannot guarantee any similar results in any of our future cases. However, these are a few of the outcomes for clients we’ve been honored to represent.


Auto accident case with orthopedic injuries – Our client was rear-ended and sustained significant injuries to his knee and shoulder. He required surgeries to correct the damage. After taking this case to trial against the client’s own insurance, we were awarded damages for his injuries and also damages for the insurance company’s bad faith in handling his underinsured motorist claim.


Auto accident case with neck injuries – Our client was rear-ended and sustained significant injuries to his neck, requiring a cervical fusion. The at-fault driver had only $25,000 in policy limits, which we recovered. The client’s own insurance attempted to reduce the medical bills incurred as a result of the surgery. Recognizing this as improper conduct, we filed a lawsuit for bad faith and resolved the case for full policy limits plus additional money for the insurance company’s bad conduct.


Auto Accident case with back and shoulder injuries – Our client was in a t-bone collision as a result of the defendant taking a left turn in front of him. The client was treated for injuries to his neck, shoulder, and low back, his doctors recommending surgery for his neck and shoulder. We recovered $250,000 after filing a lawsuit against the other driver. We were also able to significantly reduce the health insurance reimbursement, which would have taken over half the settlement proceeds.


Trip and fall with shoulder injuries – Our client, who had serious vision deficits, tripped over a cord that had been left in front of a store’s exit door. His fall caused him a torn rotator cuff requiring surgery to repair. Initially the insurance denied liability, and then tried to blame the client’s visual impairment. After we deposed the defendant store owner, we settled the case with the insurance company.

$125,000 (policy limits)

Auto Accident case with neck injuries – We obtained the full policy limits – $25,000 from the other driver, and $100,000 from the client’s underinsured motorist policy – for our client, a woman who was rear-ended by another driver in Denver. She sustained serious neck injuries and was recommended surgery.

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