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Families blessed with special needs children know first-hand the medical financial and social considerations involved in raising their children. These needs will be vital for their entire lives, and life’s realities mean you will not always be the primary caregiver. While some lawyers are not equipped to navigate these spaces, the experienced special needs planning attorneys with The Law Office of Anna L. Burr are dedicated to ensuring your child with special needs will be well cared for when you no longer can.

Our attorneys offer many strategies and estate planning tools to cater to the unique circumstances that arise in children with special needs and their families. We can help ensure a rich quality of life for your child without jeopardizing their eligibility for government benefits. We can also help you find and appoint the best people to serve as guardian and trustee to care for them in the event of your death or incapacity. We will also help you locate the best residential opportunities and secure the means to pay for them.

Special Needs Trusts

Special needs care is expensive. Certain government benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Social Security are available to help with those expenses, but parents must use caution in leaving a lump sum of money or else they risk disqualifying their children from these benefits.

Thankfully, the government allows for “Special Needs Trusts,” which provide supplemental financial resources without affecting eligibility for public assistance. Implementing a Special Needs Trust allows your child with special needs to receive public healthcare and income assistance with a supplement from your assets. It’s important to consult a qualified attorney for these trusts, however, as they come with complex rules.

As an example, funds from Special Needs Trusts cannot distribute directly to your child. Instead, the funds must disburse to a third-party who is responsible for providing the services needed to maintain your child’s lifestyle. Furthermore, your child’s needs are likely to change over time, and so do the laws governing public benefits. For these reasons, ensure you work with an experienced special needs attorney who can create a trust that is properly structured and appropriate for your child’s specific situation.

Special Needs Planning & Trusts for Colorado Children

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Contact The Law Office of Anna L. Burr if you need estate planning for your child with special needs. Our team of experienced Aurora special needs planning lawyers can develop a sustainable living plan for your child that will provide them with the finances they need to live a full life, while preserving their access to government benefits.


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