Benefits of a Revocable Living Trust for Trust Administration

Trust administration is a crucial aspect of estate planning that allows individuals to protect and distribute their assets efficiently. Among the various options available, a revocable living trust stands out as a popular choice for residents of Aurora and Denver. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of a revocable living trust for trust administration specifically in these locations.

Avoidance of Probate

One of the primary advantages of a revocable living trust is the ability to bypass probate proceedings. When a person passes away, assets held in a revocable living trust can be distributed directly to the beneficiaries without court involvement. This expedites the transfer process and saves time and money, allowing beneficiaries to receive their inheritances more quickly.

Privacy Protection

Probate proceedings are a matter of public record, meaning anyone can access information about an individual’s estate, beneficiaries, and asset distribution. By utilizing a revocable living trust, individuals can maintain privacy and keep sensitive information confidential. This can be especially important for individuals who value their privacy or have complex family dynamics.

Incapacity Planning

A revocable living trust offers benefits not only in the event of death but also in the case of incapacity. If the grantor (the person who creates the trust) becomes unable to manage their affairs due to illness or injury, a successor trustee named in the trust can step in and handle trust assets on their behalf. This helps ensure a smooth transition of management without the need for a court-appointed conservatorship, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Flexibility and Control

As the name implies, a revocable living trust can be modified or revoked by the grantor during their lifetime, providing flexibility and control over their assets. The grantor can amend the trust terms, change beneficiaries, or add or remove assets as needed. This adaptability is particularly helpful, as it allows individuals to respond to changing circumstances or preferences without having to create a new trust or go through complex legal procedures.

Minimization of Estate Taxes

While estate tax laws always have the potential to change, a revocable living trust can be structured to help minimize estate taxes. By utilizing various estate planning techniques within the trust, such as marital and charitable deductions or generation-skipping transfer tax planning, individuals can potentially reduce their estate tax liability and preserve more wealth for their loved ones.


For residents of Aurora and Denver, a revocable living trust offers numerous benefits for trust administration, including avoiding probate, protecting privacy, ensuring smooth management during incapacity, and maintaining control over assets. Additionally, proper structuring of the trust can help minimize estate taxes, preserving wealth for future generations. Consider consulting with BURR Law, an experienced estate planning attorney in Aurora or Denver, to determine if a revocable living trust aligns with your specific needs and goals. BURR Law can provide expert guidance and assist you in creating a comprehensive estate plan that includes a revocable living trust tailored to your individual circumstances, allowing you to navigate the complexities of trust administration with confidence and peace of mind.

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