What To Do After Serious Dog Bites

Dogs bite around 4.5 million people every year. Children face the highest risks for several reasons. They may not be strong enough to fend off an attack. They may also not see warning signs that a dog will attack. Finally, because children are smaller, they are more likely to be bitten in the face.

At the Law Office of Anna L. Burr in Aurora, Colorado, you get the assistance and service you deserve if you or your child is the victim of a dog attack. I am an experienced lawyer who has spent years working for insurance agencies. Now I am on your side. I represent dog bite victims throughout the Denver metropolitan area.

Who Is Liable?

In Colorado, the dog's owner is strictly liable for damages if the dog bite results in a serious injury. Generally, this means a dog bite resulting in disfigurement or permanent impairment. In cases of less serious injury, the dog owner is responsible if the owner would likely be negligent. For example, if the dog was allowed to run without a leash or had a history of aggressive behavior, the owner would be negligent. Damages are typically paid by homeowners or renters insurance.

If the dog was a stray that was running loose, it is hard to pursue compensation unless the dog can be caught and the owner can be tracked down. It's not impossible, but it adds a level of complexity to the case.

As your lawyer, I will ensure that you recover the full compensation you are due to meet your present and future needs. For example, the victim of the attack may need future cosmetic surgery to minimize scarring. A child may need counseling to overcome the fear of dogs.

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